Monday, 16 January 2017

My Little Monk

This is my little monk.  He isn't exactly what I set out to make, there was a saint involved but it didn't work out the way I wanted but as he sat on our dresser and I moved him to dust and put him back, well... he kind of grew on me. 

Nope, not a saint but a little monk and he is kinda cute wouldn't you say? 

Maybe I should see if I can do a nun to match the monk? 

He certainly isn't perfect and can be seen as kind of wonky, but then Robert says all of my crochet stuffed toys have a little wonky going for them and that I should just claim wonky as my style.  So, embracing wonky - here is My Little Monk.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Wood-burning and Cork Coasters

I picked up a couple of packs of these cork pot-holders and decided to take the colouring pages of the Happy Saints books. 

On a side note I do love the Saint books and have four of them now and plan on collecting all of them.  Although, as I support the artist and will abide by his request to only use privately and as gifts alone.  These pictures will not be used if and when I open an Etsy shop. 

I traced the pictures and used my wood-burning tools and burned the pictures in.  With some paint accents I think they turned out very pretty.  We use them under plates and as large coasters. 

These cork pieces burn really well and with colouring book pages (children's not adult's) anything can be made into these coasters and that is an idea that I will use on a future shop. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Our Church Nativity

Last Christmas season as we were helping polish the wood I saw that the Nativity statues that were being put out were all chipped and worn and I offered that when they were put away for the season I would restore them with hubby's help.  So come January I began to bring them home one piece at a time. 

Not only was I going to repaint these figures I planned on improving the colour choices.  The shepherds had orange, greens and blues and other colours that no shepherd's mother would dye their clothes.  We decided to go with more natural colours. 

So, from the month of January until the week before Advent began there was a statue in our hobby work area getting worked on.  The very last was the heaviest - the camel. 

The end results are below.

I will post the final arrangement here after as there was this whole moving the kings and shepherds around, but here is all the figures.  Both hubby and I are really thrilled with how they turned out. 

Just wanted to add a couple since the last rearranging and adding of the greenery.