Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween and So Long

Well, Halloween items dot the apartment here and there.  It has been a stay-at-home season and not too much to say on the blog, so we are giving the whole blog thing a rest.

My blog has changed and changed again but unlike the Witchy Godmother blog that disappeared completely, this one is going to stay up with only this last entry to mark it's place. 

We had a great time blogging about settling into retirement and travelling to the great little places in Southern Ontario and of things I have created this year and the adventures of Tigger and Bear. 

We still are going to share videos on YouTube and artwork on Facebook and Pinterest but really Robert and I don't see much of a reason at this time to blog as well.  Thanks for following us and have a wonderful All Hallows Eve. 

Catch you at the above places.