Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sparta, Ontario and Delhi, Ontario

One thing I try to make sure that any visitor that comes to our home for a time gets to see Julia Hansford - Artist  The best reason is most people in my life are the kind that 'get this' and would appreciate her wonderful and slightly twisted art.  Another reason is that it is not just seeing her work because you can do that at many fairs and shows but you just have to see her store because of how she has painted the walls and cabinets. 

So, on the Wednesday of Kelinda's visit we headed to Sparta and yes, she loved Julia's store.

You just have to stop for a moment before going in to check out the yard of decorations.  Her settings change as the seasons do. 

When you come in, look up, someone or someones are watching you.

So many settings and the loft, well, the loft is beautifully spooky.

As Kelinda paid for her treasures at the counter, I told Julia that if I ever won the lottery, she would be painting the walls of our home - LOL. 

After enjoying the company of such a lovely artist and lady, we went to check out a couple other places in Sparta.

There are many lovely things to check out in Sparta as well as the Sparta Country Candles and after we explored as much as we could on this hottest of hottest days we headed back and made a stop in Delhi too.

We wanted to see if there was anything on our family at the Museum as there has been in the past and sure enough in their book was this -

We are not sure who wrote the piece or took the picture but there is my dad. 

We got some shots of the surrounding area of the museum. 
With the old model of a kiln.
Once upon a time this was where, first, Imperial Tobacco was and then Benson and Hedges but now just a storage place with an old rusted tower.
The week flew by and before we knew it Kelinda was heading home.  It was really fun exploring with you.  You can't see them but Bear and Tigger were between Kelinda and I.
Miss you and see you soon.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Paris, Ontario

Our youngest was visiting us this past week and we were able to take a couple of day-trips, well.... at least after a shopping trip that is - LOL. 

Kelinda wanted to check out Paris and that of course allows you to say to friends that you visited Paris this summer after all.

At the Parking Lot behind the Main Street there is the huge solar panel for lightening and below it the old town bell. 

And right across the street, a place to eat. 

The River is low this year due to the lack of rain but it is still a lovely view.

Soon it was time to head over the bridge to the Lion's Park and the big chair.

And the beautiful flowers.

I saw the frog again and this year he is looking a lot sadder than when we first visited.

Walking back and checking out many of the old buildings. 

Kelinda really loved the signs that pointed out all the interesting places to visit.  

 The really great town clock.

The duplex that looked only big enough to be a single.

Lets not forget the butterfly shall we.

As well as the old church that we came across by taking a wrong turn.  What a beauty it is.

What a lovely re-visit to a great place, we especially loved visiting The Peddlar, the most wonderful tea shop with so much more to see and buy.  If you go there, don't miss the fairy room. 

See You Next Time!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Enjoying Rhyanna's Talent

While my sister and niece were visiting, they volunteered to help us at one of the luncheons.  While it was quiet, before anyone arrived we took Rhyanna and her violin up to the choir loft to check out the wonderful sound from there. 

Here is the result.